Israel Embassy security scare: Two suspects zeroed down, Delhi’s Chabad House fortified

Security agencies in Delhi were sent into a tizzy after receiving an emergency call reporting an 'explosion' near the Israel Embassy.

New Delhi: Delhi Police probe in connection with the alleged explosion near the Israel Embassy on December 26 evening has led to two suspects, who were seen roaming around the scene before the incident, an official said on Wednesday. “While scanning CCTV cameras, two suspects have been zeroed down, who were seen roaming near the incident scene on Tuesday evening,” said the sources, adding that they are scanning the cameras in the area to identify the duo and trace them.

Meanwhile, the police have reinforced security measures around the Chabad House in Paharganj where a large number of Israelis reside.

Security agencies in Delhi were sent into a tizzy after receiving an emergency call reporting an ‘explosion’ near the Israel Embassy in Chanakyapuri on Tuesday. After an extensive search operation, sources confirmed to have found potential evidentiary exhibits, including a typed letter addressed to the Israeli Ambassador to India. When questioned about the contents of the letter, officials refrained from providing details.

“A call reporting an explosion near the Israel Embassy in Delhi at around 5:45 p.m. prompted the immediate dispatch of a fire tender,” according to the Delhi Fire Service (DFS). Delhi Police said in a statement that at 5:53 p.m. on Tuesday, a PCR call conveyed that a “loud sound was heard from the rear side of the Israel Embassy”.

“Given the sensitivity of the site and the report of a sound resembling an explosion, a dog squad, crime team, and the bomb disposal squad of Delhi Police were sent to the spot from where the alleged explosion sound was reported,” said a Delhi Police spokesperson.

“Subsequently, experts from the forensic science laboratory (FSL) also reached the scene and the area was cordoned off for a meticulous search. The experts conducted an examination of the spot, collecting potential evidentiary exhibits, which are now being sent for forensic analysis,” said the spokesperson.

Simultaneously, the Israel Embassy confirmed the incident, asserting that an ‘explosion’ occurred in close proximity of the Embassy building. It also confirmed the safety of all the workers and diplomats present in the Embassy.