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Lookout for These of Dengue

In the Monsoon season, dengue infection spreads rapidly. It may cause children or adults. But one has to take precautions in this season, if is occurs then see the symptoms.

Safety Tips To Prevent Dengue In Monsoon

During the monsoon season, the risk of Dengue increases as water is collected at various spots. To prevent Dengue in the Monsoon here are some tips.

Food to eat to help you lose weight

In today's time, health issues have become important factors obesity is one of them. people are searching for healthy and low-calorie food.

How To Curb Cold

Every season has its effects, but the person may have a cold. As a common cold lasts for 6-8 days, a person has to take care of this without medicine. Here are a few cures.

Tips to keep your clothes clean and fresh this rainy season

Monsoon season is here but with rain comes the struggle related with wet clothes. Here are some tips you can follow to keep your clothes fresh and hygenic.

Different Avatars of Lord Shiva

Different Avatars of Lord Shiva

How to deal with night time anxiety

Some tips to get healthy sleep and avoid Night time anxiety.

How to Make Mango Halwa

Easy dessert recipe of Mango Halwa to try in summers.

Animals who extinct from the World

These are some animals, birds and reptiles who extinct from the world and doesn't exist anymore.

Himachali Food to Try

Himachali food to try. These are some special himachali Dhaam.