Chief Electoral Officer Sibin C interactes with voters of Punjab through Facebook LIVE, asked for suggestions

Chief Electoral Officer Sibin C today launched 'Talk to your CEO'. Contact was made with the people of Punjab during the Facebook live session under the topic 'Punjab'.

Chandigarh : In a one of a kind initiative to make the electoral process more efficient, transparent and to educate voters and seek their valuable suggestions during the Lok Sabha Elections 2024, Chief Electoral Officer Sibin C today launched ‘Talk to your CEO’. Contact was made with the people of Punjab during the Facebook live session under the topic ‘Punjab’.

During this session, the Chief Electoral Officer answered various questions of the voters and urged them to actively participate in the voting process to achieve the target of ’70 Par this time’. prompted to report.

Urged voters to cast vote

He said that during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the vote percentage of Punjab was 65.96 percent and now this target has been set at 70 percent during the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Sibin C also informed that young voters can cast their vote till May 4, 2024.

More than 1600 complaints are resolved till now

The Chief Electoral Officer said that the office of the Chief Electoral Officer has so far received more than 1600 complaints regarding violations of the election code, which have been disposed of. Along with this, the commission received 1059 complaints on C-Visual app, out of which 733 were found to be valid and 689 complaints have been resolved within 100 minutes as per the instructions of the Election Commission. He urged people to report violations through the C-Vigil app, toll-free number 1950 and Election Commission of India’s National Grievance Service Portal (NGSP).

Relief from heat on polling booth

In response to a question regarding relief from heat during polling in Punjab, the Chief Electoral Officer said that special attention is being paid to this and fresh water (Chhabil) will be arranged at the polling stations to provide relief to the voters from extreme heat. .

He further informed that each polling station will have water coolers, fans, seating arrangements and sheds to provide relief to the voters from the heat. If there are more than 10 people in the queue for voting, the facility of seating will be provided. Sibin C further said that special crèche room for children, separate queues for elderly and pregnant women and availability of at least one wheelchair at each polling station will be ensured. Along with this, medical kits will also be provided to the polling staff.

Exumption in depositing weapons

Regarding the question about depositing arms, Sibin C said that it is not mandatory for everyone and people can get exemption by explaining the reason for keeping the arms to the Deputy Commissioner of their respective district. He said that one committee has already been formed in each district to review such cases.

No online voting facility is available

In response to the question asked about the facility of online voting, Sibin C told the voters that no such facility has been provided by the Election Commission of India so far and even about 1600 registered NRIs. Voters have to go to the respective polling stations to cast their vote. He said that voters can use 12 electoral documents including Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driving License, MNREGA Job Card in addition to voter card to cast their vote.

Special security arrangements in border areas

Talking about the security arrangements, the Chief Electoral Officer said that special attention is being paid to border areas and identified sensitive polling areas in the state. He also said that apart from Punjab Police, 25 companies of paramilitary forces have been deployed in the state, the number of which can be increased as per requirement.

Webcasting of Polling stations

He said that on the day of voting i.e. 1 June, 100 percent webcasting of polling stations across the state will be ensured. Sibin C further informed that the Flying Squad Vehicle and Static Surveillance Teams are fully active to keep a sharp eye on any violation of the Election Code during the entire election process.